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Announcing Better Together 2021: The Campus Community Conference

Ask 100 people, "what's wrong with higher education?" and you are bound to hear 101 different answers. 

Social Networks and Higher Education

Throughout the time of covid, social media has seen a surge of activity. With people hungry to communicate, feel connected to the outside world, and ...

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021: Concerns and Considerations

I speak to Presidents, Provosts, Deans, Directors, and other academic leaders almost every day. Some contact me for thoughts or recommendations ...

The Hidden Costs of Your Old Student Portal

While some things are easy to upgrade and discard (an iPhone, for example), moving away from any system that has been utilized for more than a year ...

Campus’ Place in the Digital Transformation Framework

As the Chief Academic Officer at Campus, I was both bummed and mildly curious about how Educause chose to handle this year’s virtual conference.
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Carpe Diem: IT’s Part in the Age of the Digital Campus

Over the years, higher education’s reliance on information technology has been steadily increasing, but it’s never been so profoundly noticeable as ...
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Toggle Terms Require Better Communication

More than 150 colleges and universities have “switched” between in-person and distance education since the start of the Fall semester. From Notre ...

The CARES Act and Instruction

Please indulge a question that might seem obvious in its answer.  I hope to persuade you that the answer is not quite so obvious and that the nuances ...

COVID-19, Higher Ed, and the (near) Future

A cheeky idiom is that an expert isn't an expert until they live at least 50 miles away. 


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